Sunday, 2 May 2010

Day 14 Worcester to Kinver

The stay in Worcester was a delightful one, after meeting up with my wife.
During the night two things happened, firstly the thigh strain on my lh leg faded, the second, the mystery, invisible "being" which booted my rh the day before, came overnight and had a go at my lh shin. So when i woke, it was double grief time. I lay in bed working out viable solutions to my position, there wasn’t many. The first objective was get to the rest day in as best state as possible. So necessary actions were take, down went 2 para's (they seemed to work better on the shins), lighten the load, with my wife taking home any clothes etc that i wouldn't need today and try some boots out that i was going to use today, to give some ankle support. Off I went, saying goodbye to my wife for the day. Getting into the swing and rhythm, walking out of Worcester things where looking up, sure there was a level of discomfort, but I had decided to use no poles and walk a normal as possible, so not to induce any other strain. The pace was back to my usual (snail) pace, I felt good, well, a damn sight better then "13" as I am now going to refer to it.
I have during the course of the walk notice numerous election boards, some in strange remote places, which I'm sure I'm the only person to have seen it, (am I their target voter?), other than this the election has passed me by, being "on the road". I did notice the Conservative board leaving Worcester, which tickled me. (See photo)
Stourport on Severn was going to be missed by crossing Hartlebury common, this initially was straight forward, then it turned into "town" territory with paths everywhere. Addition distance was added as I found the way through the maze, but it spat me out opposite the road I needed to progress to the canal, so can't grumble.
Crossing the common, I had a call from Donna, my manager, who with her partner Chris, were camping at Bewdley. Being close, they were going to meet me in Kiddi, for a chat and some welcome company. So an hour later at that famous Kidderminister landmark "MacDonald's" we met and chatted for a almost an hour. I'm sure during the course of the conversation I received my half yearly assessment (SPR).
Things were "outstanding", my legs felt , like legs, I was on time for my rest day and I continued up the canal, but where was the rain. It always rains on canals. The sky's were getting darker and YES, it started. Confidence restored in the British weather.
There was one final surprise in store for me, when I arrived at the "Vine Inn" at Kinver, other than it being a good "dog" day. My wife had informed me that my daughter and her were waiting in the car in the pub car park. Likely as it was raining. When I emerged from a rather low bridge at The Vine, I was greeted not only by them, by a group of friends from "Special Olympics Redditch", a great touch everyone!!!!!! Thanks. What an end to today's 34.6km
Rest day two was now here, progress has been mostly good, certainly to schedule, but I will take this opportunity to thanks two people mentioned in today's blog for this being possible, first, Jo my wife for allowing this self indulgence at the cost of the family holiday this year and her support and secondly, Donna, my manager for the flexibility for me to undertake this. Thanks both.


  1. Hi Russ
    Lets hope the rest day improves the leg and shin situation. Fingers crossed for the rest of the walk.

  2. Russ,

    Great post on Day 14 mate, a few good work comments/jokes in the blog!

    Just to let you know I tried the Eddie Izzard Ice bath on Friday (plus extra deep heat) after I recieved a dead leg from football after work.
    Did it make a difference? I think it did ! Didn't feel too bad the day after.

    Keep up the good work, you're doing an 'outstanding' job.