Thursday, 27 May 2010

Day 37 Lagan to Loch Ness

Before I forget like yesterday, 31.4km, yesterday and 32.6km today. Well sitting here in the YHA beside Loch Ness, no sign of Nessie though. It just started raining and hailing and beside the odd shower the first significant rain of the day. The doom and gloom forecast never materialised, most of the day once again was in sun, albeit cooler than recent.
Once again away from any significant habitation, and no meals served, so I considered utilising my developing survival knowledge watching Bear Grylis and I'm a celebrity and living off the land, only problem was a lack of choice and the slug the only option, not even a bit of lettuce to go with it.
After long consideration and a lack of salt to go with the slug, I opted for Fish and Chips in Fort Augustus at lunchtime. Beside the canal and locks.
Further developments on the walkers of the Great Glen, there all European and mostly German, but a breakthrough today, they responded back and conversation occurred. After consideration I think they must have heard I'd be able to speak German by now from the language course I was meant to be learning from, so was waiting for me to greet them in German. However, this was not needed for those who spoke today, a single lad camping and taking his time from Glasgow and two young ladies, just doing the Glen.
Back to walking solo, I am back to the loud singing to my MP3 player and letting my mind go and general watching it all flow past me. Another observation is I'm the fastest thing on the trial, nothing seem to pass me, but I seem to fly past other, is this a result of the new level of fitness built up over the last 5.5 weeks, or cause I stink so much people slow down and let me past, the clothes pegs on their noses might be a give away.
Got. Trouser story developing as the next piece of kit I'm having issues with, will go into detail in a future blog, once it settles down.


  1. forget trousers get Kilt, Moncrieff of course, any piece of blanket you can find will do!!!!!!
    are you aware that you are being followed by a little yellow man, he's not had his hair cut,nor suffered from sunburn,and NOT GROWN A BEARD,and his little legs go so fast they are a blur, he's like a yellow pimpernel. We to can have our fantasy as well as you, or is it that we have run out of thing to say. keep going ,you're doing well. Ma & Pa

  2. Come home urgently Russ, ma and pa are halucinating!

  3. Hey Ma & Pa! If you run out of things to say, switch the computer off, go to B&Q and purchase an industral strength hedge cutter.... you might be able to trim Russ's beard when he gets back :-)

  4. Russ,
    Some useful advice if you're trying to spot Nessie:
    In 1976 a group of individuals tried to entice him to the surface by throwing bacon into the Loch from a Hot Air Baloon.
    It didn't work as so suggest you try a different approach.

    -Mally G

  5. Fantastic progress so far Russ! Keep walking. How does it feel to be nearing the end? Hope you've thought of another expedition to plan once you've achieved this goal....
    Great pics x
    Nicole J