Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Rest day 3 Kendal

Having completed my laundry duties on the day I arrived into Kendal, to give the clothes more opportunity to dry, today rest day 3 was going to be a proper rest day. Any thoughts about going into the Lakes were to be dismissed, instead shopping in Kendal, with the knowledge that anything brought would have to be carried. First was a memory stick, to stop me forgetting things, no, I noticed the YHA had a computer with a SD card reader, this way I have backed up my photo's so I am protected against any mishaps which may happen. Next coffee break, Costa's was full so I had a MacCoffee, yuk, but gave me, chance to send some mails. Next some new headphones, yes the pair I had been given weren't the most comfortable, but a life saver these last days, see if these new ones last to the end of the walk? A replacement 2 litre dry bag to replace the one which has been eaten by a spill of my insect repellent, yep you heard that right, no wonder it scares the insects away, what does it do to skin, will find out. Brought a second micro fleece as I often wear the Berghaus one during the day and to go out in on the night as the weather has been reasonable mild. So even I have been smelling myself, never a good sign. The one brought from the Mountain Hardware shop is both light and cheap, always a winning combination, plus had a great chat with the assistant manager about the walk, says he may try the walk himself, just do it! Had a sausage roll from Greggs, my big weakness. Off out on the town tonight, catching a movie and a meal, "Billy no mates hits Kendal". Have posted a couple of photo's from previous days, today. Whilst, backing up my photo' noticed I have taken 500+ since losing my camera. Given I am going back to capture them (+100) and I've got 3.5 weeks to go, I'll have enough for a great slide show (estimate 1500 photo's, including one of the "Queen Hotel" - arrh!!!!). Invites to be sent out on my return. I'll make sure your all not busy that evening, know you won't wanna miss it!


  1. Hi Russ
    I'm really looking forward to viewing the 1500 photos. Unfortunately I'm busy that night!

    Your blogs are getting better. Well done!

  2. glad you are having a good rest day.also that you have avoided the"snow" (the sort of snow they have had in newcastle /tyne today).are you sure you are ready for the higher altitudes, including camprons.glad adrian is eagerly awaiting your film show.will it be on at the odeon.good luck and fair weather for the next few days.ma & pa

  3. Will be happy to see all the photos when shown, but they won't be in smelly-vision will they, ( I for one don't believe this pretence of hygiene, who can walk so many miles a day, then still have enough energy to wash their smalls - [and their bigs]!).
    I suspect the real story has a certain 'ripeness' and 'pungent quality' about it, not to mention an element of crusting!
    Anyway, very excelent blog, very excelent acheivement....big up to you...Mass respec!!
    Really well done.
    Keep doing what you are doing and good luck for the remaining half...best to you....m

  4. Hi Russ, well done for reaching the half way point! We follow you every day at work to see what mishap or adventure you have had...
    Slide show night sounds great, will you provide the popcorn???
    Keep going!!!

  5. Hey Russ, simon the assistant manager from the outdoor shop you visted " mountain warehouse" not mountain hardware, but if rememeber correctly u commented on your fat fingers when emailing on your mobile, so i will let you off. congratulations on getting to the halfway point im sure u will march on strongly to carlise. keep going all the best simon . ps hope that lipbalm comes in handy :)

  6. Russ

    You buying lip balm. Isn't that a bit gay?

    Can't find the personal mobile so use the number that ends 208 if you need to.


  7. Russ,

    The two pictures of you and your facial hair are quite good, not sure about the TR7 by the river though!


  8. Russ,

    Cannot see you your hands in the cow photograph - what are you doing you naughty naughty person.

    Gaydon Posse