Friday, 28 May 2010

Day 38 Loch Ness to Drumnadrochit

The final walk up Loch Ness was a short walk of only 18.8km, however it all started with a long climb up the side of a hill, which seem to last forever.
Food arrangements today are similar to yesterday, with only a cereal ber for break, a break for a Mars bar at 10.30. Upon reaching Drumnadrochit, I settled on a pub light lunch and a Pot Noodle later, those noodles seem to be becoming a greater part of my diet, having had one the last 3 days.
Have now learnt to pronounce the town's name properly, something I've been struggling with since putting the plans together and particularly embarrassing when phone to book accommodation, its pronounced drum-na-drocket and no chit at the end.
This is the town were all my aspirations for walking end to end started. When walking the route previously in 2004, one of the group mentioned she was doing the walk over a length of time linking long distance paths together, I thought what a brilliant idea, and there started my similar scheme, linking paths over time. Having completed probably 50% to date, (Minehead to Inverness minus a few locations in Lancashire and South Scotland). This opportunity has previously been blogged so no need to go into that again.
That explains the how, but not the why?
Onto beard watch, it seems to have stopped growing this last week. Now debating at what stage it should come off, options are:- night before I finish, so the photo at end is clean shaved, when I get home, so photo at end is a far representation of the walk or not at all and continue to grow it, at least for a short time. I'm with the third at present.
RSPB might have something to say as I've a pair of breeding Ospreys in it at the moment.


  1. Russ,

    Option 4 - leave the beard on and turn up to work with it so we can have a good laugh at it and give you some grief.


  2. This is beard watch-----after the suggestion by Adrian to use the hedgecutter, would suggest removal of IT by Knife and Fork which seems more appropriate. Also you don't want to frighten every body. Ma & Pa. PS Keep Going Your doing well

  3. Suggest removal of hazardous beard should be swift and clean. Removal of head slightly above shoulders with sharp axe should do it!

    You are doing well matey. Keep up the good work.