Thursday, 13 May 2010

Day 24 Great Strickland to Carlisle

Today's 37.5km's along with yesterdays 41.5km's adds to to a total of 79, or in old speak a tad off 50 miles in the two days covering the majority of Cumbria and the climb over Shap. And god do my feet know about it. On the medical side however my shins are much better with 3 trouble, painkiller and cold bath free days behind them. Only a slight twinge, leaving Kendal YHA has been felt, so hopefully that's the last I'll hear from them. Today's walk when planning was the longest, however, others have proved longer, with diversions, there where non of those today. Pinrith was the first major town I had to navigate through, this almost went totally to plan, but I couldn't help the gravitational pull of Greggs and another sausage roll. Penrith has two Greggs, 100 meters from each other, I did just resist the pull from the other one. I think my additional mass from the first sausage roll help me divert and oppose the attraction, or is it I'm not that much of a greedy............ The second diversion, was to an Outdoor Shop which I had discovered last year. I had to buy a new flask, the latest bit of kit to fail me, in the worst possible way. When making a hot chocolate drink this morning, I'd screwed the top on, but over the last few days it hasn't been securing properly. When shaking to mix, the top flew off and contents escaped. All over the floor and down me bag, having done my best to clear the mess, the flask ended up in the bin, where the top went I've no idea. Last night in England before I cross the border tomorrow.


  1. please see e & pa

  2. Hi Russ
    I cannot believe you have done the Lake District already! Are you running!!!

    Glad to hear the shin seems to have sorted itself out!

  3. You are having a lot of equipment failures, please don't have any 'wardrobe malfunctions'....Scotland isn't ready for that!

    Let me be the first to say 'och aye the nooo' to you, which I believe means 'you are doing so well & I wish you good luck in the next stage'. m

  4. woto russ. soz no blogs recently but been a v bad week at work - nights focusing on cv etc

    anyway cant beleive your in scotland -r u sure you havent got there by coach. ma says we came from scotland circa 1248ad so i hope you are gona wear the moncreef tartan and maybe meet up with some.

    please advise if the photo showing is definately not scratch & sniff - if of so i think ill pass -i remember the curry bedroom the morning afta - when u were a teen.

    is scotland ready for your your smalls on a pole?

    hope you are making the most of your rest day


  5. Russ,

    Just discovered what LEJOG means


    Gaydon Posse

  6. Russ, when you're struggling...

    Just let your body talk
    'Til U're deep in a trance
    U don't need no partner
    U can walk all alone
    (Say, say) Whenever U feel the groove
    Just let your body move
    Walkin' 2 a beat of your own (Hey)

    Flat Stanley

  7. Hi Russ

    In Scotland already??? Hope your still enjoying the challenge and the shins are not causing any further trouble. It's great to hear you on a Monday. By the way if your passing the Green Welly at Tindrum can you get me one of those great fruit cakes ha ha.

    Speak to you soon.

    Elaine & Ron