Thursday, 6 June 2013

Thats all folks

A final 26.06km saw me arrive at cocksburnpath, the end of the suw, in good time for the transport out to berwick and ongk the st oswald way down to hadrains wall.
The view of the coast was delayed, and seemed like it was never going to appear, this after crossings of the a1 and east coast mainline. A walk onto the sand and the customary feet wettening then occure with the sea rushing towards me rather than me gracefully dipping my toe.
The turnback inland following a fly packed coastal cliff, failed to conclude the walk of 212miles satisfactory for me
But as bugs bunny says "thats all folks"

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Dog day

Definately dog day today walking the 27.3km. Mostly from kennels either in farms or houses close to the path. Swear them dogs can smell my fears miles away.
Had one come for a closer look, but me just freezing disorientated him.
Once again i have overshot the orginal target to help reduce the final walk to the end of ghe suw and ho find a suitable wild camp. So i estimate 25km left to the end, closer to the coast as the end is back inland, where i need to catch a bus train bus to the next walk at either 14:30 or 16:30.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Melrose arrival

Todays, 24.04km walk started with a cracking stroll alongside the river tweed into melrose. The suw itself does not visit the town, but i had the short walk to ghe abbey to link the suw with the previously completed st cuthberts way. This linked the e2 path, so i have now walked from stranraer to guildford (south london), with only the north downs way left go complete the uk section. Thats for next year.
Whilst sitting infront of melrose abbey, celebrating with a coffee and biscuit a delivery van parked right infront obsecuring all views. Obviously didn't recognise me or my achievement!!!!
The remaining day had me climb out of melrose, thro fields and country tracks in a north and north west direction, walking further away from my destination.
Arriving at my destinstion of lauder, was tempted to ask a local where was i, upon them answering, "lauder", i was going to shout "WHERE AM I", the old ones are the best.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Onward christain soldiers

An uneventful day which has ended up in the spice resturant in galashields. My blogs usally get written when waitng for food to come, in this case a chicken balti and rice.
Following yesterdays additional mileage, todays 18.7km, was finished by 12:30, even with a lenghtly stop at the three breathrens caines and the sweeping route around the back of galashieds, which seemed to add a additional 3km.
Arriving early allowed a bath at the b&b, well needed. A shopping trip to the towns 24hr tesco, and panini at the local wetherspoons. Don't sound ike a long distsance walk much, does it.
The borders still continue to excel over dumfries, with there quality of path and interest. The walk over the mitchmoor drove road yesterday and today was a hit
Laudrette services have applied by the b&b land lady, washing clothes in streams does not have the cleaning abilities of a good auto washing mc, added to which i had to get rid of the bonfire smell to my clothes from when yhey were drying a st mary's loch. Them two idiots again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr blue sky

Have pleasant memories of camping beside st mary's loch, apart from the idiots in the next tent who consider it ok to come back at midnight and light a fire, smoking me out, and gassing forever. Well u hope i made enought noise taking down my tent this morning.
Followed a lovely walk alongside the loch and a short day of 19km to traquair, where there is a road junction, great.
Choices were, continue to the next town to a campsite there (and have someone keep you up), head for a "vandalised bothy, stop short of target and wild camp,(was 13:30-too early) or as i did, in true forest gump style, just kept walking, until at 17:00, i found a purfect spot, high in the hills. So not a 19km day, but 28.81km, camping at 445m. Which happens to be less windy than last night
Sky has been blue all day, so just kept to a slow plodding pace, no need to sprint, like yesterday, and now have only 15km into galashields tomorrow, where i will be stocking up again.

Sunday, 2 June 2013


Today's walk was certainly the longest at 36.5km and 1144m ascent, however, compared to yesterdays it seemed to be easier and more enjoyable. Althought yesterday marked the half way point in distance, at 11:30 i was crossing ettrick head, firstly the watershed between east and west. Any water east of this ends up in the north sea, likewise any step this side gets you closer to the end on the west coast. Secondary, it marked the exiting of dumfries and galliway and entering, the borders. A place i have fond memories of, st cutberts way and the end of the pennine way.
Other crossings today has been the west coast mainline, which was about 100m from my campsite last night and the m74.
The day after leaving beattock on my lejog, was the day that i hadn't secured the lid on my orange juice, which then leaked into my bag, no such mistakes this time, i'm glad to say.