Monday, 17 May 2010

Day 28 Abington to Larkhall

The final road of the day into Larkhall, was unpaved and the fast traffic reminded me of the walk from Church Minshull a few weeks ago, albeit straighter. Along the road the view suddenly widened and view of Ben Lomond and Conic Hills were a feast for my eyes. Unfortunately, the urban mass of Glasgow is ahead of progressing to the start of the West Highland Way. Leaving Abington Services the roads had well paved areas away from the road itself, which made for very pleasant walking, the views were improved also by the route moving away from the Motorway, you couls say prefect bar one thing, the litter. All along this pictures route, was litter some thrown from passing cars, but lots dumped as mounds of stuff were left to rot. Washing machines, fridge's a chest freezer and a caravan (the last could have been destroyed by Top Gear, given their history) were all observed. A real pity. Through Blackhall, the pavement suddenly deteriorated to being lethal for ankles injuries, I spent all my time looking at the floor finding a way through the assault course I found in front. This only after a short time, speaking to someone regarding how this whole adventure could be halted by such an injury. I was taking no chances. Prior to the paving episode, I walk walking when a lady, exited her car and went to a roadside bench, sat on it and returned to her car and drove off just as I arrived. Seeing her move I'd though, given the fact this was the first bench and I was due a rest that I would use it to sit. Next, a van pulled up and two workers got out, thinking they were going to do something in the road I ignore them. Suddenly they were on my shoulder asking me to move my bag as they had a plaque to secure to the bench. Whist doing so, I questioned the use of different screws and how level the plaque was, but I think this went over their heads, or they were being polite and just didn't understand me. The plaque read second chance 2010 -they did not know what that meant either, nor do I. Finally, forgot to mention yesterday bumping into my second end to end walker, a young lad named Sam, having walked 16 days to that point. I'd seen him and chatted about 14.30, he was targeting Beattock, where I'd set off from, so wasn't due to finish until 19.00


  1. We are surprised how different each day is, fancy all that rubbish left on road sides. Glad you met another walker and have an exchange of info, You have one more urban spread to morrow before open country which you will enjoy, hopefully no rubbish about. Keep going you're doing very well.Ma & Pa

  2. Hi Russ, still following the blog everyday with keen interset. A remarkable acheivement to date with a wonderfull memory to look back on. Keep up the excellant work.
    Paul w

  3. Woto russ. Weather at home today very sunny so please dont send the rain down here. hows the ash cloud affecting the views up there. Is there a McGreggs up in scotland so that you can hae those suasage rolls you like. Arent there any dogs / cows staring at you maleovonantly looking at you? cant believe that it is going so quickly for you. how about singing in the countryside - ill take the high road and you take the low and you ll be in scotland behind me cos i caught the coach. have fun, keep backing up thoses photos.

    Sis k