Sunday, 23 May 2010

Day 34 Ineroran to Kinlocheven

By quick estimations I must have gone through the 700 mile mark, or close to it, leaving 200 to do in the remaining days. Just one more day now before my next and final rest day. I certainly need it to catch up with cleaning duties, me and all my clothing is "humming". Its all neutral to my nose, but with the heat off recent days, I must really be fragrant when I arrive at a town at the end of a day. This last week has been helpful that at least I'm not the only one, with all the other whw walkers.
Well today completed a 31.9km legs other the highest point of the whole way. Devil's Staircase is the climb out of Glen Coe, the sight of the Macdonald's massacre, for those who know their Scottish history. There is a steep 270 meter climb, but views, like the whole day are stunning, with +1000m mountains and the bleak Rannock Moor.
A regular activity as well as taking a sample of orange for my days walk, is taking a round of toast, which usually gets eaten at 11.30. Today, whilst resting on a bridge, eating my toast a team of American's can through, in groups of 2-3, I usually greet and have a quick chat as they pass through, the the last group, a lad and girl, stopped and the lad thought I had prepared the toast their, middle of nowhere, (definitely no electricity) with a toasted sandwich maker. Found out later, they're all students at Glasgow University - ummm?
Today I met up with another End to Ender called Patrick, he is making his way day the country zig zagging from one side to the other. I was the first that he had meet up with, and he chased back when he found out to have a chat, as I had headphones on he almost made me jump out my skin, when he suddenly appeared.
No trouble at the hotel last night, had a great sleep after Dr Who, the Euro Cup Final, a Daily Milk bar and shortcake biscuits, what a receipt for bliss. To long from civilisation?


  1. Were you're ears burning this afternoon? Jo and Steff came down and all we seemed to do was talk about you and how well you've done and how time has flown bye. Bet you're looking foward to Fort William and the day rest, we're impressed with the side view of you're face ( what a beard) remember what Adrian's said!!!!!
    love Pa & Ma

  2. Hi Russ
    I notice the beard is now in a metamorphic state and seems to growing a new central gray portion. Perhaps this new life form will one day separate from you to further evolve!

    Great pictures. I remember those views especially where you and the beard were stood. Last time I saw that view, the mountains all had snow on top.
    Enjoy the rest of the WHW. Its nearly finished.


  3. Russ,

    I believe you have 197 miles left –

    Top Tip

    In nautical miles you only have 171 miles to go, as a nautical mile is longer than a land based mile, so if you swim the rest of the route you could save a day by covering 26 miles less.

    Gaydon Posse