Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Day 36 Fort William to Laggan

Now back on earth after some excusion to some sort of spaceship, (maybe that's why the rest day flew by so fast?) made good progress today arriving at South Laggan at 14.45. Followed this early arrival with what was meant to be a quick quip, but woke at 15.30 feeling more groggy than ever. (Excuse for blog quality tonight, I haven't one for other days)
Made my way down to the Great Glen Water Park (not a slide in sight) for dinner as the boat with a restuarant at the beginning of the Laggan stretch of the Caledonian Canal is closed to all for a private function, good job there's somewhere else to eat, otherwise I'd be cooking the food on offer at the hostel. (choices of pastas - yukk!!!)
Like the WHW, I have previously done the Great Glen Way, back in 2004, but once again I must have done it with my eyes closed, not looking back, to the sides or front, instead looking down at the floor, cause last time I can not remember this stretch being memorable, but it certainly was today. Mind you, last time we arrived in at around 18.00, dripping wet, plus I had to put up with Clive all day.
Today had the views and for the most of it knew what I was looking at, but I thing which stood out was, in comparison to the WHW last week where everyone seemed welcoming and willing to chat, today I seemed to get little in return for my greetings. Noticeably, last week most the where either, American, Canadian, New Zealand or Scots, today has been €uropeans. Will monitor this hypothesis over the next few days.
Other observations of the canal are its size in comparison to all others I've seen apart from the Mancester Ship Canal, lack of dogs and owners and so far no rain. The later looks like it might change tomorrow.
One other thing pasted today, whist walking up Neptunes Staircase, a set of locks at the beginning of the canals was the bollard, which I attempted to sit on 2 days ago whilst phoning my wife. These are domed and painted on shiny, slippy white gloss paint, the outcome being me sliding off with full pack on and ending up in a heap on the floor. Other local to me looked on in bewilderment and I just burst out laughing


  1. only comment about yesterday's blog was,do not give up the day job.we thought you would enjoy today's walk,hopefully the same will apply for tomorrow.We have atlast had a sprinkle of rain,looks as if you might be blessed with some & pa

  2. Hi Russ
    Nice one mate, you are doing really well!

  3. Hi Russ, great to read you are going so well, not far now. Make the most of the GGW as it does get boring in the plantations. Are you into Indian cuisine, if so look out for the resturant at Drumnadrochit, great food at least it was when I was there.
    By the way, when you get to JoG I recommend a walk to Duncasby Head, it give a great view of JoG and The Orkneys. What's a few extra miles?
    Keep going my friend.