Sunday, 8 September 2013

Glyndwr's Way, started and finished on the same day

Start/Finish in Knighton
Today, (Saturday - 7/8/13)saw the start and finish of the 135 mile long Glyndwr’s Way, the next National Trial to be ticked of the list. By leaving Knighton and arriving back there 5 hours later having walked to Llangunllo (once again good I can type it as I can’t pronounce it). I both started the clockwise walk to Welshpool and finished the return journey from Welshpool (on the anti clockwise return). If that sound double dutch, then it can be explained by me walking each leg of the walk in both directions as there is no other way to return to my car. Each leg will be 10 – 15km in one direction, so both will be anywhere from 20 -30km (x2). So when all finished I will have walked the whole route twice, there and back, hence starting and finishing on the same day. (When I get to Welshpool, that day I’ll finish the clockwise and “start”!!! the anti clockwise) Today’s walk followed the majority of a walk I completed two years ago, as the Birmingham to Aberystwyth Walk uses this route, but being determined to do all the GW route, it had to be done again. On the topic of the B’ham to Aber. Walk, I will be concluding it in 2 weeks time, as I have accommodation booked and the final leg from Devil’s Bridge to Aber is scheduled. Another video to follow! Today’s walk almost never happened as I had been watching the weather forecast all week, with its predictions of masses of wet weather over Wales. But having only two brief showers and never getting wet, once again the forecast was not wholly accurate, not for the first time this year.