Friday, 21 May 2010

Day 32 Rowardennan to Inverarnan

21.7km's of excellent Long Distance Path walking. Leaving the YHA this morning, the course of the walk followed the east side up Loch Lomond. Progress was slow due to conditions under foot. Those who know the West highland way will appreciate the slower speed over rocks and tree stumps, however time was never an issue.
I have mentioned before the Police's proximity to my walk, throughout. Never being far away, now they've sent undercover police in to follow me and check thing out. To be cunning, they've disguised the fact future by making he a different nationality. What am I on about? Well, yesterday arriving at the YHA early, I starting talking to a lad from New Zealand, we ended up together at the pub last night and doing the walk together today. His job, a policeman, coincidence?
Seriously, having company has made today fly by, usually at some point when walking alone, I thing about the blog entry, today, I sat down for the first time not knowing what to type.
Steve, a couple days ago was saying all the people he was due to meet up with, as he heads south, but with the exception of the great walk into Taunton, with Helen and the final couple hours into Drymen with the Canadian ladies, my walk has been a solo affair. It's amazing how it flies past with company. Graham mentioned it in a recent comment, I'd met up with Graham when I was doing Offa's Dyke and he was on his End to End walk and his so right.
One other memory jogged today was the pain I suffered last time walking the WHW, the arch in my right foot was incredibly painful, painkillers provided by Sharon, helped me through. Thank God, no such hardship this time.
Staying at the Drover's Inn tonight, full of old character, fittings, cobwebs and ghosts.
(no one told me I'd jumped a day in my blog headings at Kendal, thats why todays is 32 again - I'll have to renumber the others when I get back0


  1. Hi Russ
    I remember those tree stumps around Lock Lomond. They go on forever! Glad you enjoyed it!

    We're off up Snowdonia tomorrow. Doing 3 of the Welsh 3000'ers.

  2. Nice that you had company today even if he was of the constabulary.Did you go past the INVERSNAID HOTEL and see the porridge factory on the opposite side of the loch ? ma & pa