Friday, 14 May 2010

Day 25 Carlisle to Ecclefechan

Certainly a change in the weather today, yesterday, surprisingly ended up with me burning my head in the sun. There was certainly no chance of that today, being grey all day and actually raining for over half of it. I ended up wondering where the canal was, as it was so wet. So the march into Scotland was a wet affair, but this didn't dampened my spirit when crossing the border at exactly 12.00.00, following all the essential photo's. Well Cumbria and England are now passed and a long walk up the B7076 to Glasgow ahead, hopefully with a bit brighter weather. This road used to be a main A road, but with the M74 now alongside and taking most of the traffic, is now reasonable quite, but cars still travel along it as fast. Prior to leaving England there was one final challenge on the map reading front. I new a new bridge over the River Esk existed, but the maps I had did not show how to access the bridge, playing safe I chose the long way around, one which I could see largely on the maps I had. Only to find out a more direct road exists, so an additional 2 km was added to the day's 34.0km total. On the navigation front, twice today a road has change its number for no reason, Being on the a6 and getting quite attached over the last few days, it suddenly became the a7, at an island at the top end of Carlisle.Why change here? I had crossed lots of islands previously and there had been no road number change, then at this island its the a7. Likewise, the M6 changing into the a74m, although I can't actually say I was on that road. I think I would have noticed if I had of wondered onto it.


  1. well done russ england salutes you. Ma & Pa

  2. Nice one matey! Perhaps there will be some razor's for sale in the next town you stay at :-)