Monday, 31 May 2010

Day 41 Tain to Gospie

What was meant to be a shorter day was voluntarily extended to 29.4km. Upon leaving Tain, I was to join up with the A9, this is to be the main source of road to take me up the North East Scottish coast.
After consultation with last nights host, there was an option of getting off the A9, only shortly after joining it and crosssing the Dornoch Firth by means to the recently opened bridge (1991). Following the bridge, there was a descent down the bank, which lead to a track and road leading to Dornoch


  1. how did you come to do the walk twice ? not everybody can do that.hope you enjoyed today,tomorrow does not look so good.Could it be hayfever affecting your eyes? might help if you have some sunglasses.Keep going. love Ma & Pa

  2. I think he's had a wee dram or two down the local pub, and then posted his blog!
    Keep going mate!

  3. Russ,

    First blog I've seen with a stutter