Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Day 29 Larkhall to Glasgow

Arrived at Glasgow YHA after a pretty un eventful walk of 27.6km. Arriving early at 2.45 has given an opportunity to do some laundry activities, as well as visiting an Outdoor Shop on the way to buy some replacement kit, which has worn out. Looking at the soles of my Asics trainers, I am having doubts on their longity and whether they'll make it to the end, as they've had a punishing last week. Will switch more to my Berghaus boots up the West Highland and Great Glen Ways. Whilst least looking forward to this of all the days walks, it has no been, that bad. Little other than usual cityscape sights. Walking through the central street was certainly a change to the isolated walks of recent. Some of the fashion statements, were different. But did meet up with my mate the motorway at the end, although he has changed into his m8 guise, that winds its way through the city. I'd had a lie in this morning, usually I breakfast at 7.45, and on the road at 8.30, but this morning I wanted to give the kids chance to get to school and off the streets before starting to walk. The plan worked well as I didn't have to put up with any of the cheek that had welcomed me into Larkhall, the day earlier. This was not a great problem, but you just have to ignore them, regardless of what they comment.


  1. Hi Russ
    You know you can't resist those outdoor shops! Any excuse!

    Glad you gave the kids chance to get to school. You would not want to scare them with that big ginger beard you are growing :-) he he he....

  2. it is only when you look at a map of the whole of the uk that we realise just how far you have travelled.take care when leaving glasgow that the sun is on your right after that you seem set fare for a nice walk.bye 4 now ma & pa

  3. Russ,
    Forget the PC option tell the kids to piss off.


    PS: The oldways work - the modern ways do not and never will.

  4. Hi Russ

    Glad to see all is going well. Can't believe how fast you're going. Maybe should have got some razors in the kit we gave you, be careful with the sun cause if you shave it off when you get home you,re going to have a white chin ha ha!!

    Keep going and will see you soon.

    Elaine & Ron

  5. Hi Russ

    Couldn't pick me up a caber on your tavels could you.Always fancied one. Give you the money for it when we pick you up in a couple of weeks.