Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Day 17 Market Drayton to Church Minshull

Early finish today, even with stopping at a Nantwich pub for lunch, as there are no pubs open close to the B&B. It was a shorter day by recent standards being only 29.5km's, my shins thanking me for that. So a nice "legs up" rest tonight, not even the walk to the pub to do. Todays walk was along the canal for the first 14km, where the grey skies soon turned into a mist and fine drizzle. Here the umbrella was not so good as the wet seemed to float around, soaking me. The weather then dried up and along with the real oak fire in the pub I soon dried out. In Cheshire now (I think) as once again haven't seen a county sign, but the cars seem to be big and expensive, must be all those north west football players. During this afternoon road walk I saw all the new Bentley's being road tested from the factory on test plates. Has 3 pack hounds harass me this morning, the Jack Russell's all took turns to have a go. So when I came level with the owner who was more bothered gettin his boat thro a lock, with the 3 dogs still barking then retreating, I had a right go at the owner. Standard response came back, "there not normally like that". Well it made me feel better. Decided it must be the Jack gene, as I'm a Russell and I'm normally, apart from today quitely mannered.


  1. Well you have finihed the canels for a while, glad today has been more relaxed, watch out on those roads tomorrow (noticed some were narrow and no paths). Have you noticed the accents changing as you go further north, (like --- ("wel i'l go to the foot of our stairs"). By the time you will become quite an authority on dogs, sleep well. Ma & Pa

  2. Keep up the good work Russ! Enjoying reading your blog....
    Nicole J

  3. Well done Russ, keep going but dont be too long as I need to borrow some more books!!

    Andy Guest

  4. Hi Russ

    Glad you liked the surprise at the Vine in Kinver. Will let everyone know at Special Olympics how you are doing and with a bit of luck Ron will be there to give them a live update via the phone. Keep going you're doing a fantastic job. Well done!!