Friday, 30 April 2010

Day 13 Norton to Worcester

The first 2 km's of the days total of 36.2km was delightful walking, the rain that I was expecting was not around instead it was glorious sunshine, but then, AGONY, from nowhere, it felt like someone had come and kicked me full belt in my rh shin, footballers among you will appreciate the pain, and no I didn't have any shin pads on. I thought a few km's and I'll walk this off, but no, so action was necessary. Down went 2 painkiller's, (Ibo' - not related to ASBO's) something I never normally do. I'd only previously taken 2 on this walk, outside Wellington which I lost most my vision, (onslaught of the migraine), there they had helped, but not for aches. Out came my water bottle as a cold compress, on went a support sock and out came the walking sticks.

Could I continue?, I must have must looked a sorry sight walking into Tewskbury. Stopping there to get waterproofs on, yes the rain had come, (it never rains but pours) I decide to change footwear to the Gel healed Asics, a good move I think. More km's were painfully covered upto the M50, still 14 miles to go, when disaster two happened. Limping along I had developed a nasty thigh/groin strain in my other leg. They were competing amongst themselves for being the most painful. Out came the para's (no not the army - paracetamol), 2 of those, I was flying but the strain was not going away, only the shin had reacted to the painkillers this time. Suffering with any gradient continued with plenty of stops, I has a further dose of ibo's at 14.00, these did help the strain. I have since taken numerous rests and am taking the opportunity at my 15.45 rest to type this. This post is not to get sympathy, more donations or anything like that, its a reminder to me in years to come, the pain that was suffered on day "13". The day I crossed the Worcester border, when I was meant to be skipping not limping. This has been the hardest and most painful walk I have ever done and it even beats coming off Sca Fell with a hurt knee, from a fall. Right now my body (legs) need to get in synchrony with my heart and head and their desire to walk, and tomorrow, there must be less moaning and resistance from my legs trying to stop my advancements up the country.

(still in 2 minds whether to post this or just save it)

Am now arrived having typed this earlier, I am going to post it but please no comments from anyone. I have tomorrow to get through before a rest day on Sunday, hopefully this and Eddie Izzards advise on 15 min cold baths or in this case showers, on my legs, as the B&B does not a bath will work. It was itself an experience just, my legs are frozen, tell you if it works when their thawed.

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