Sunday, 2 May 2010

Rest Day 2

Rest day 2 has been spent mostly getting everything ready for the next 5 weeks. Knowing when I started the walk, that I would be home at 2 weeks gave me the opportunity to test and exchange equipment. Apart from going to my lite weight Berghaus boots most equipment will be the same, as they have all served me well to date.
Given that, most of it needed a good clean and freshen, including myself. So cleaning and washing has defiantly been high on the agenda.
Having lost my MP3 player last Monday, and having just a language course and books and not music on the second one, I have been using my phone increasingly with its limited music choice. I have now decided to take the books and language off and load 4mb worth of music (the other one had 8mb). I hope the person who found it likes my selection of music and photo's.
So a greater choice of songs to sing to, all out of tune of course!!
One final task was to have a weight in. I was unaware of what the outcome might be, on one part, I had done this physical exertion over the last 2 weeks, but have not felt any slackening of clothes in particular, so on the scales I jumped and 8lbs was the difference, How could I put on that much??
You of little faith, it was actually an 8lb loss, so 4lb per week, and with 5 weeks to go equals on this average, minus 28lbs by the end. Meaning they'll be only half of me returning from Scotland, and I be leaving all bits of me scattered between here and there (That's how it works isn't it?)
Promise to bring all the best bits back, including lots of memories.........
One final note, the last two blogs have been completed on my "home" computer hence the improvement in grammar and spelling, I can actually see what I'm typing and spell checking, unlike on the phone. Back to normality and the challenges of reading it tomorrow, good luck, bet its half the fun?


  1. Russ,
    Be careful mate. You have some very dodgy people stalking you in the photo above.

    All the bestfor the next 5 weeks!


  2. Keep it up Russ - We all thought you may be be back in the office earlier than expexted - Prove us wrong.

    Gaydon Posse

  3. Steve Haresnape3 May 2010 at 13:46

    Hi Russell,
    Steve Haresnape responding to your comment on my blog. Keep up the good walking and I will def meet you in Drymen. You can regale me with the horrors yet to come for me and I'll try to frighten you about Northern Scotland
    See you soon mate

  4. Hi Russ

    A day off makes a huge difference doesn't it? Good luck with the rest of your walk.