Sunday, 9 May 2010

Day 21 Garstang to Carnforth

Soon after leaving Garstang I was exposed to the first view of the Lakeland Fells, a view which was to developed during the remaining distance of the 36.4 km total. Having completed the first 30 or so km's at a good pace along the A6 and Lancaster Canal, I arrived at Hest Bank, at just gone 15.00, the pace was to then slow dramatically. This was intentional, as I switched from walking along the Lancaster Canal, to dropping down onto Morecambe Bay and walking up the coastal path to Carnforth. The sea was out and the vast expanse of the sandy bay, with the scenic backdrop of the lakeland fells was my view for the next 2 hours. This was the first contact with the sea since leaving views of St Micheal Mount on Day 2. The next views of the sea will be across the North Sea, north of Inverness. The need for travelling up the A6 to start the day, was explained in my previous blog, but as I approached Forton, I was so focused on my lh turn to the canal, that I almost missed the sight of the M6 Forton Service Station Tower on my rh side. Upon seeing it, it was instantly recongnisable. This service station is almost exactly 2 hours from home when travelling to the Lakes and an landmark I often look for, to judge my pace. Secondly there is history with the tower. When travelling to the Lakes with friends years ago, our friend was convinced the tower rotated and when we pulled into the services, we all including ours kids went up in the lift, to find not a rotating view platform, but a stationary storage area. So seeing it unexpectedly, made me cuckle to myself. I did receive some bad news today, Justin, who I meet around Bristol Airport, e-mailed me saying he called it quits at Tiverton. I naturaly felt gutted for him, but he seemed to be in reasonable spirits about it, saying he'll probally complete it later, that aside to walk that distance is a "feat" in itself and his 6 year old daughter is right to be proud of him. Nice to hear from you Justin.


  1. Nice one mate! You look very relaxed in that photo. This isn't a holiday you know, its a serious trek! LOL!
    I know the tower you are referring to. Must have been weird seeing it from that side!

  2. another good day saddened by the news from justin.did you take the opportunity to dip your feet in the you realise that carnforth station was the setting for the film "brief encounter".one more day to your beloved Kendal and a well earned rest.well done russell we are both very proud of you ma & pa

  3. Russ you need to sack the walk – the toilets in 118 have not been cleaned since you left – your rubber gloves and disinfectant are waiting patiently for you.