Saturday, 8 May 2010

Day 20 Chorley to Garstang

A short day today of 30.2km, due to administration issues of booking the B&B's last year. Today's walk was due to be around 34km, but the accommodation where I was due to stay, when I checked prior to the walk didn't recongnise my booking. (blamed it on me booking to early) So a last minute substitute had to be arranged. The only issue was this was 4 km closer, which today is great, but I'll have to make it up tomorrow. So I am already looking for short cuts tomorrow, which will reduce the mileage (howcome you don't say kilometerage?) Staying off the meandering canals for a few miles should help. I had a great walk day today and even with rests arrived at the B&B at 15.15, this being too early, I made my way down to the local hospitable pub (not) and am typing this drinking a pint of Stella. Bar the last 2 miles the walk, it has been on quite major roads, across the River Ribble and through the centre of Preston. I noted numerous speed cameras through Preston, which I'm sure as I passed one I was motoring so fast that I triggered it. Initial I thought that's OK, they can't trace me, no registration on my back. Then panic set in, I have a traceable plate on my rear, that of - Reg. plate of 8erghau5. (berghaus). So I'll have to wait and see. Will work on my defence, including diminished responsibilities or duress, tomorrow. Today's weather according to the forecast was cloudy, possibly wet with strong cold north westerly winds. It was a bit nippy to start with but ended up in T shirt from 11.00 and applying sun cream as it was that warm. I'll have days like this anyday. Last week I thanked 2 people whom without their support this project would never have gotten past the planning stage, a 'No' from either would have killed the project dead immediately. But to actually undertake this, there are others who also must be thanked to their support. Firstly both my kids, who similar to their mother have given up things for it to happen. Next my work collegues, who are keeping things ticking over at work, Cheers. And, also my brother, who is their on call should I play my "I'm a celebrity get me otta ere card", and Ma & Pa for their support and encouragement. Know what it feels like now to do one of those oscar awards speeches.


  1. Hi Russ
    very pleased its going well for you. It sounds like you are slowly but surely walking off that shin pain.

    Reading yesterdays and todays blog, your spirits seem to be on a high. Well done all appears to be going to the plan.

    Don't drink too many stella's though, or you'll end up in the canal!

    Great blog, keep up the good work!

  2. Glad you had good weather today, been horrible here, over cast and rainy, well you have got rid of a lot of nasty roads now, so it will be good to join the canals,yappy dogs, and noisy cows, ha ha. Ma & Pa

  3. Russ,

    As you are absent from the meetings at work, we have been nominating you for any new responsibilities that come along. You are now the virtual B&PC, P&PC, GTDS, APC, GPDS, TQM, WERS, GSPAS, AIMS, PCPA, FMEA, PDL, LQOS, BoP coordinator, supervisor, project leader!

    Outstanding blog mate.


  4. Russ
    If your going to play the I,m a celebrtiy card theres a hignh price to pay. I want to see you eat at least a couple of withchty grubs, be interviewed by ant and dec and rustle up some clothing from a kangaroos jewel bag

    I won't be asking you to shower in your bikini under a waterfall. There are some things that just never be seen.