Sunday, 23 May 2010

Day 33 Inveranan to Inveran

Last night at the Drover's was a mixture of good and bad.
Following Eddie Izzard, I've done the cold baths, now it was time to repeat the carb intake to get energy for the follow day with the boiled potatoes, certainly didn't work for me either, didn't make me fly either. Besides that the meal was good.
On the bad side, the Drover's lay entertainment on, to bloody one o'clock in the morning. If I'd thought the Queen's hotel was loud, late, then the Drover's trumped them. Lying I bed trying to sleep was impossible with all that noise, whats up with pubs that also think their accommodation providers, they certainly fail the later.
Endedup listening to my Mp3 player, at least had my choice of music.
Hopefully I'll sleep tonight, certainly felt it on my 33.3km walk today in the sun and heat of the day.
Given the heat, I repeated paddling in a stream to cool down, an activity I hadn't done since Cornwall and the temps I had there. The stream, a few mile before the Bridge of Orchy, was the place we'd stopped prevoiusly on the whw, were when leaving last time, I'd climb a stile, when then gate next to the stile was wide open.
Another day with company whist walking and lots of contact with walkers of all nationalities, all welcoming and very talkative, will certainly miss it when I move away from the long distance paths.


  1. thanks for the picture of the porridge factory,brought back happy memories and a few chuckles.Mom noticed on tomorrow,s walk that there is another porridge factory,resist the urge to tackle Ben Nevis again.
    PS.--- We would like to thank the followers who follow the Pa & Ma site, we're thinking of setting up our own site, ha ha ha

  2. Hi Russ
    That's a cracking photo of the mountains mate!