Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Day 23 cont Shap to Great Strickland

Having typed my blog whilst eating my meal in the pub, I decided that I would send it, as a) I had a signal and b) what else would happen. Well, leaving the pub things were going to being to happen, I should have know this morning when first when I tried to opened a sachet of brown sauce across the top and it opened length ways dumping sauce all over my hands and soon after my sausage ended up on the floor. Today was gonna be a trying day. So 16.30 all was well, I was heading for Thrimby, reckoning I'd be there by 18.00. Well Thrimby isn't a place it's an area along the a6 and Thrimby Farm was not sign posted, so I overshot by 1/2 mile. At the last building ,I knocked and asked, they guess by elimination of it couldn't be any of the oters, so back I went. Yes, I had tried ring, but no answer. So when I was at the house , I rang the bell, no answer, tried again, same. Still not sure whether it was the right place, I rang and listened thro the letter box, yes it was ringing, but no answer. Time was passing. I decided I would wait 20 minutes to 19.00.(They had £10 deposit as well). Seven came, time for plan b, which was develop a plan c for such circumstances. I knew the next village was 2 miles ahead, but no accommodation, but I'd try, if not I'd ring Penrith and see if there was a Travelodge and get a taxi, returning back tomorrow, I could sleep rough or , have a rst and walk to Carlisle overnight. On I walk, its now 19.15, not gonna phone wife yet, might panic her and only one bar power on my phone. Then, a sign, was I seeing right, was it a mirage, was I delirious and I just waffling??? Pub at Great Strickland, great beer and B&B, with a number. Sign ahead says 3/4 mile there. So I phone, please have room. Start with sympathy line, then please have you a room. YES. Off I stride, arriving at 19.45, pint first, before room. 41.1km today, upped by doubling back. Wait till I speak to her, at least the "Queens Hotel" was open. Got to say the Great Strickland is a great place and would highly recommend it. Just to finish off thats for all the messages, both comments and mails and sorry for getting the shop name wrong Simon


  1. What a great read your blog is Russ, I bet you have less clothes left now than when we were robbed in Teneriffe and they pinched your wardrobe. That was about 25 years ago, as I remember you had a job walking home from the nightclubs when you were there, may of been the beer!!!. I must say I have spoken to your proud Dad and I admire your spirit and determination. You must have already seen some great wildlife sights, as I drove 1500 miles around Cumbria and Scotland last Summer where I saw Golden Eagle, unbelievable. Anyhow I will carry on reading your blog whilst getting paid by Land Rover. Stay safe and hope I made you smile

    Well done mate

    Tim Bickerton

  2. Hi Russ

    Scotland. Is that the lumpy bit at the top?

    If so you are going far to fast. Are you sure you are not running.

    Stunning performance.