Saturday, 24 July 2010

Walk Update

Since last entry have completed two walks, with the fact I boarded transport bound for London on both.
Last week along with Carl (Follower) we headed into the capital to do the "Monopoly Board Walk, visiting each of the streets off the game and having a photo taken with each street name plate, Finding them was more difficult than navigating around the capital itself. A total of 28.3km was covered, partially because there is no street called Mayfair, so we hunted down the Mayfair Hotel in its place.
Question, which is the only place on the board south of the river? Answer in a later blog (As long as I remember)
Today I walked along the Severn Way (picture under M50 motorway) between Tewkesbury and Worcester, a distance of 34km, after catching the London bound coach from Worcester. The original plan was I was to drop onto some of this route when on the LEJOG on "Day 13" to get off the A38.
Well "13" is already covered on the blog dated 30 April, but because of shin problems I stayed on the A38. So I had decided to revisit this leg to sample the Severn Way stingers again. Previous times when I have encounter the Severn at Ironbridge and Bristol, I have fought and lost with plantations of stinger (today was no different)
The walk was interesting in the main but towards Worcester some diversions spoilt the walk by delivering you into Worcester on the road (bar the Cathedral stretch).
Where the Severn Way interacts with the A38, was very emotional, when doing the LEJOG I hadn't clocked the fact the path joined the A38 for around 500m, due to the distraction of pain on the day. But where I struggled due to my tight, which also hurt and resulted me walking backward on a slight incline was where the Severn Way joins, likewise on the bend in the road which follows was where I "had" to have a rest.
Anyway the legs were much better today.
Yesterday was 7 week since John O'Groats, the time I took to complete the walk, guess its getting further in the past daily, still working on the next, lets just say E2
An update on my "Simulated" JOGLE, a reminder if you forgot, whilst training on the treadmill I am recording the distance for the session and transferring it on the the JOGLE map (same route as the LEJOG) to date I have just passed the second accommodation at Latheronwheel, am on the A9 head south toward Inverness, I think this project is going to last a while, but it does help motivate me to get on the "Mill". Will publish a map in the future.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

LEJOG but not mine

This weekend I joined Richard Davis for a walk, he is over from Australia walking from Lands End to John O'Groats. We walked about 21km's, from Chipping Campden to Bidford on Avon . This walk along the Heart of England path was a repeat of the route I had previously completed with my wife in 2007. The 2010 summer continues with warm dry weather and this walk was no different, when the breeze was around it was certainly a refreshing feeling, however, this seemed to come and go throughout the day.
Richard was fully "bagged up", whilst I felt guilty in the heat just with a day sack. This being the reverse to the situation I was in just 37 days previous, the lenght of time since I'd finished.
Since finishing my walk, every part of my body has protested in some way. More so that when I was actually walking, is this always the case? My legs seem to be tighter now than when walking, I suppose I'll just have to up my "warming down" walks, starting with an interesting walk planned around the streets of the Monopoly board, in London next week, around 15 miles in total