Thursday, 28 October 2010

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis - If you can pronounce it and know what it is, it's resulted in a 4 week walking break for me. If not then its a "pain in the heel", a condition that I'd first suffered when doing the West Highland Way back in at the beginning of the Century, and now some years later it returned to hamper my walking adventures. I don't think this was a reaction to the LEJOG, as it occurred sometime after, more likely to be playing football in some not very well supported or cushioned trainers (the bin beckons). Anyway after walks and also playing footy, the following day for the first couple of hours I could bearly put any weight on the hell, so the only cure, absolute rest. So no walking, no simulated walk on the treadmill (still near to Dornoch) and no footy. However, I'm going to attempt to restart my body, its amazing how sluggish you get to feel, after just 4 weeks rest. So time to dust off the cobwebs, and get some blood circulating. This weekend I'm targeting the Severn Way between Shrewsbury down to a place called Cresswell, 22km in total, but starting with a warm up of 30 mins on the treadmill tonight. In recent weeks, I've learnt to use Window Movie Maker and made a number of "movies" from my LEJOG photo's, set to music. These have been published to You Tube and linked to the blog (see to the left, below the big picture at the top of the blog), click on the view.