Thursday, 20 May 2010

Day 31 Drymen to Rowardennan

A short day and hence short blog entry. Only 17km's today, the first of two shorter days, deliberately inserted due to the next full rest day being at Fort William, another 4 days off, and a week and a bit since the last. After leaving Drymen at 9.30, I was in the Rowardennan Hotel bar (Row) at 13.00, will eat there tonight, as staying at Row YHA. Speaking of evening meals, last nights at Drymen with Steve was great, never stopped chatting, certaining a change from lots of the other (on own) nights. Steve has now headed off south and me north walking in each others foot steps, well certainly today for Steve and the rest of the walk for me. Walk across a field of cows this morning and they stayed well away, I was just ready to start clapping, had they come. I noticed recently no dog events, although last night I got stared out by 2 dobermans, they definately won, but no snappy dogs. My theory is the dogs here are scared of the wolves, so keep quite, with let you know if I see a wolf instead.


  1. Hi Russ
    It it mandatory to have a beard whist walking the end to end route? I notice almost matching beards in that photo........ he he he

    Glad its going well! Hope you enjoy the WHW

  2. Hi Russ,
    Great to see that you are on the WHW and deservedly enjoying it. Now you know how felt when we met on Offas Dyke, it can get very lonely at times. Have just taken my first donation for next year. Enjoy WHW & GGW, wish I was there. Keep going my friend.

  3. you deserve these two days a bit easier, for whats to come, just enjoy all around you and you'll have great memoiries, every time we come and do the blog we see this picture of you're rear and muscley legs, what do they look like now????? can we have a picture of them please love Ma & Pa

  4. Russ,

    Still got the wok under your shirt then?

    Gaydon Posse