Monday, 3 May 2010

Day 15 Kinver to Brewood

Back to usual with the unpredictable British weather, bright sun one second followed by rain. Then what did I expect, walking along the canal again, it held off until 10.30, when the first shower came and then continued almost hourly. Gone are the hot Cornwall days, wearing T shirt and shorts, the drop in temp and the cold northerly wind kept my trouser legs fully attached and my heavier "Paramo" smock on. Yes I said smock, that's what they call it, and no its not a dress before the comments start raining in. The day started off where I left it on Saturday at The Vine in Kinver. The next 31.4kms walk has been along the canals and the disused rail line thro Wombourne, five miles into the walk I passed the 300 mile total, one third distance done. During the day, in total I was on the road for some 200m's, however, the density of cars encounter in that couple of minutes seemed greater than any time on the walk so far. Walking along the unpathed roads, (they can't afford them in Wombourne, the residents must not pay their taxes), all the cars around seemed to appear. I just had to go to the cafe at the old Wombourne Station and have a tea to settle my nerves. I thought the A30 was bad!!! Without realising it, on Saturday, somewhere after Kidderminster, I crossed another county border, canals, unlike the roads do not display this borders, hence it happening without my awareness. Worcestershire had been hard work, but being now in Staffordshire there is a new treat out there, homed in on me walking through their county, I mean off course the old Staffs Bull Terrier, or Terror. I can sense them around, just waiting, when walking previously in this county on Cannock Chase, I had a run in with two off these dogs, so senses are heightened at present, but that aside, no incidents today, a few distant barks, from the other side of the canal but nowt else.


  1. Dear God,
    I know Russell must have done something to upset you as first you inflicted pain in one shin, and thereafter the other shin.

    Russ visited me on Sunday, We had a nice chat, that went on and on and on and on. Next time if you could target the lower jaw, then this would be most appreciated!!

    Only joking!

    Good luck for the next section, will soon be hitting your beloved the lake district.


  2. it was good to see you all on sunday,much appreciated.presume your shin problem has cleared up.more canals tomorrow into mkt.drayton.congrats on achieving the first 300 you again tomorrow ma & pa

  3. Hi Russ,
    Great to see you on Saturday. What did you expect with the weather? It was a Bank holiday so rain was mandatory. Good look with the remainder of the walk.
    Keep up the blogs!!

    Paul w