Saturday, 29 May 2010

Day 39 Drumnadrochit to Dingwall

What a difference a week makes, from the glorious sun of last week to the rain they've been promising for the last few days. Even then the day started off brightish, and I though great the weather forecasters got it wrong again. It lasted like this to 11.30 when a little drizzle gradually turned into a steadier flow, but still within the capabilities of my trusty umbrella.
I'd been road walking all morning with fantastic views and then walking through the town of Beauly and the Muir of Ord, I'd been lucky enough to have a pavement. This is good for two reasons, firstly, it gets me slightly away from traffic and because of this I can listen to music. Something I'd had no restriction on for the last few days. As I was saying pavement is good, but just out of the second town, it disappeared and the grass verge returned. It was at this point, that almost 6 weeks exactly into the walk the heavens opened. Gore tex would have to come to the rescue both both me and my umbrella, who were both being drowned by the monsoon that had been building up over the last 6 weeks.
Whilst climbing into my matching gore tex outfit, getting as much cover from an old oak as possible, I saw a stream, turn into a flowing river in the gutter of the road infront of my very eyes. Such an event is not usually significant, apart from when you have to walk the next 6 miles hoping between the road and gutter, avoiding walking in the larger collections of water (puddles) or being by one when a speedy car approaches, and sending a crashing wave in your direction. Two hours of dodge the water, made the walk pass surprisingly fast. But I think all thing considered I lost.
Still 6 weeks of generally dry weather, I can't complain.
Having told my hosts last night that I would be having breakfast at 7.45, (this is my usual time, which generally sees me walking by 8.30) I woke, having not heard either alarm or their repeated snoozes at 8.30, having oversleeped. Even after a rushed breakfast, I was not walking to 9.30, despite this I arrived into my B&B at 16.30, in drowned rat mode having covered the 33.9km in 7 hours. This is the B&B which was rearranged, due to the one I'd booked with going away, all was well until I realised no picture on the TV and tonight being Dr Who night and Eurovision Song Contest. Panic over, I'm now in a different room with picture, TV heaven.


  1. must be heaven knowing you are in your last week and up to now having decent weather.hopefully for the next couple days you may get a return of the better weather.
    signing off;www.(whitmore .whisker .watch.) Ma & Pa

  2. Hi Russ,
    Just to wish you all the best for your final week. Enjoy the moment when you reach JoG and you can finally rest those feet. I still recommend a few extra miles up to Duncasby Head though. Did I understand the blog correctly, you actually watch Eurovision? Must be LEJoG fever!
    Well done and I look forward to some more photos and stories. Keep going my friend.

  3. Whoaaa.. you've done SO well Russ!!

    Only a week to go.. that's incredible!

    You deserve every pat on the back and congratulations that you receive!

    Sterling work!

    Judy (sister of Andy and Alfie currently le-jog ing behind you)

  4. Hi Russ

    Can't believe you are into your last week. Can't say enough how well we think you have done, keep going you're nearly there. We are assuming you have about 100 mile left to do. Hope we get a great report and photo's for the website. See you on 7th we hope.

    Elaine & Ron