Sunday, 5 July 2009

Quick update

Managed a 29km road walk to Solihull and back yesterday, completed in 5 hours (walking with absolutely no pack etc. Training going well it has to be said. Next week plan to go up to the Lakes and gets some mountains in. On the equipment front, had a smaller 1st aid kit for Fathers Day. Save some weight, the kit is not comprehensive so I will add a couple of things like blister plasters, tablets etc but should make an overall weight saving. Got a new phone which I have loaded my Anquet maps to and loaded Route 66 sat nav to back up the strip maps I am going to print off and navigate to. Some tech issues with Anquet I am trying to solve, but now have 283 days to sort it. Phone comes with Windows software so can save walk details to it in Excel format etc. Not buying any clothes yet as still trying to lose weight (lost to date 1 stone) targeting 3/4 to 1 stone more - dieting harder than the walking, hopefully as the training increases this should help. Started off by calling this a quick update, but probably the longest yet - learning is enter the title after the text - shall do next time