Sunday, 25 April 2010

Rest day 1 Tiverton

No real walking blog today as its a rest day. Basically, have spent an hour of the day in the laundrette, some time in the pub watching Man Utd verses Spurs, rested, listening to new Dan Brown audio book. More pub with evening meal and Doc Who. No canal trip, as it was fully booked. Was going to show laundrette pic, but i guess you've seen enough washing.


  1. Russ, Good to see the walk has started well, counld'nt have asked for better weather. Please tell me that you didn't just drink stella whilst in Cornwall. You missed Doom Bar - the greatest thing to come out of Cornwall since the A30.

  2. New OLD BLOGGERS-Welcome to week two,hope it goes as well as week 1 did. We shan't see any more washing then.Heard you were walking with friends to-day, that would make a change, enjoy your meal with them 130.

  3. Rest -thought you were on a walking holiday - no time to rest!!! mind you wouldnt wana be near your socks! so i guess launderette a welcome break from all that fab views and no dogs.
    check out the blogs relating to yesturday. mom knows what im on about - dont you.
    hope the new week brings fab weather no dogs black or other colours (pru still available to hire - her rates are quite reasonable 1 oh so meaty chicken pouch three times a day). weather in brum been good but id rather be on the hills (after being carried up there by sherpas). take care ad good luck for the week coming up/ will get some dad style jokes for you to make you laff.
    kirk (little sis)