Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Final preparations underway

Just completing final preparations, checking maps and downloads etc and replacing a stuff sac which has already riped, without use?
Need to get walking now, as the treadmill has just given up on me. the belt just stays still when trod upon. regardless of being tensioned. Suppose the cost of replacement when I get back is another hidden cost of the walk, arhh well its been a good servant this last year of abuse.
One final prep walk planned on Sunday, walking over to Shirley and back, with a pub meal with parents in between. That will be just short of 20 miles. and a pint or two.
Still can't decide whether to notify the local paper or not, just can't make my mind up. It'll be too late soon anyway so that maybe the deciding factor, suppose could always contact them en route, who knows??
Been sorting out communication from my phone and just about perfected sending blog updates, some may have seen entries come in and out of the blog, this is the reason.
Have been receiving daily updates of Steve who set off on his LEJOG last Saturday, sounds like his really enjoying himself and heard from Richard in Australia today, who's starts later on. Nice to now there's other mad enough to undertake the walk.
Was reminded about Ian Botham's initial walk (John O'Groats to Land's End - 25 years ago) a few days ago, as Jaguar Cars, who I work for are support his walk adventure this year walking in a number of cities with support vehicle's, Jaguar XF's I believe. (see He starts Saturday (10th) at Heaton Park, a lovely place where I started off from on the Thirlmere Way (a walk from Mancester to the Lakes)

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