Friday, 23 April 2010

Day 6 Stowford to North Tawton

Great walk today, totalling 33km. It's amazing how a walk of similar distance and ascent can be so different. Compared to yesterday I seemed to fly along today. Had I kept walking I would have reached the accommodation at 16.00, instead I had a 45 minute break, basking myself in the sun, beside the river on the Tarka Trial. Not a pretty side, thank god no one else was around! Weather remains a bonus with good weather forecast to Tuesday, tomorrow looks the hottest at 20C. Shorts again, those lily white legs are being exposed again, Devon doesn't know what's hit it. Last night washing was not dried this morning, so when I hit the bike trial into Oakhampton, I took the opportunity to raise my walking poles either side of my rucksack and suspend my washing one item at a time to them. This had two consequences, first, any person I passed, and there where numerous, did their best to ignore me, I took great pleasure in looking straight at them and saying "Good morning" forcing them to respond. Secondary, when I did this I was walking along a exposed area, where I had a wind in my face, so far from getting any wind assisted advantage, I was force to work harder, even having to lash my Berghaus top to the rucksack to stop it taking off. The top took 15 minutes, trousers 15 mins, boxers 10 mins and the socks, never completely dried, although I did walk through Oakhampton with them sticking up on the end of the poles. Took advantage in Oakhampton to replenish supplies, new headphones, German's back on the curriculum, especially as I haven't a TV tonight. Also, brought some thinner sock to relieve the pressure on my toes with my Asics trainers on. This morning also saw me walk through the first 100 mile barrier, on the approach to the edge of Dartmoor. Like Bodmin the scenery looks spectacular. During the course of today, I approached it from the west and then ended up walking away from it. Once again somewhere to return to and investigate later. Can I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has commented to the blogs, text me, mailed me etc..... This really does help me keep going. Its great also to receive comments from new readers to the blog, who personally I don't know, but encourage to know my words aren't going to waste. Pete, grub is an insect often bitten into when eating fruit or food, not a greeting!!!!!! Just sorry I can not reply to all the comments, please keep them coming. 2 barking dogs at distance today and no uphill at the end. I've got that to look forward to tomorrow morning. No reception in pub where staying so had to walk uphill to sent blog.


  1. Russ,

    There is some thing wrong with your comments...
    Quote:- "...boxers 10 mins and the socks, never completely dried....".
    I find it hard to believe that you have boxers that are smaller than your socks! Unless of course you have the same proportions as Mr Potatoe Head at work!

    Keeping blogging matey,


  2. Russ
    You need to put your glasses on
    Its a ß not a B = ss. Carry on with the German lessons and you will understand.

  3. Russ
    Really enjoy the daily blog. At times i am pretty envious especialy with the current weather.
    Keep up the good work

    Paul W

  4. Hi Dude
    Look, we discussed this many times in the passed. I pleaded with you not to use your poles as a washing line to dry your cloths.... And you've bl~~dy done it :-). You'll give all us walkers a bad name. All street cred completely out the window.... On second thoughts you never had any anyway!

    Keep up the good work, your blog is very entertianing!