Monday, 26 April 2010

Day 9 Taunton to Sedgemoor Services

The saga of the headphone, the camera and getting lost in towns continues, only this time with disastrous consequences. Leaving the B&B, I had been on the phone for 45 mins, the significance of this will be explained. I was also using the phones sat nav function to direct me across town, so I wouldn't get lost. Happy was I as I took a photo at the point were suddenly in Taunton, you start heading north, not east liked the whole of the last week. Without realising it, because I was so focused on the roads, the pouch holding my camera, MP3 and headphones came detached from the rucksack. It was too late when i realised, I tried back tracking, but someone is probably the owner of some new electrical equipment. Hope they give them as much hassle as they did me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In anger I swung my foot and as it was being directed towards a wall, I STOPPED, just in time.I didn't want broken toes as well, that would have halted things. So I stomped out of Taunton, waying up the options. One being no more photo's as I am destine not to have any or buy another new camera from Argos in Bridgwater. Buy a new one was agreed, (by myself). So off on the indirect route to Bridgwater it was. On arriving at BW, I was given directions to Argos which took me all around the town, only to find the new store just off the A38, (which is the new A30). So needlessly walking about 2km extra and in the process losing my map. This is not as bad as it sounds as firstly the route out is pretty much up the A38 and secondly, I have the whole of the country maps on my phone. The phone which, had rapidly been drained of power in the morning! But with turning it off/on I was ok. Now the previous week has not been good for listening to MP3's, the afternoon was ideal as there was a path the entire distance on the A38, but I had neither a MP3 or headphones. Plan B, to use my telephone was no good as had to conserve batteries. No music again! But there was one dog today, another small one, but quiet aggressive, help came from my walking pole, spearing the dog and minutes later from the owner who having a chat with someone. So to sum up the day, 40km completed, and all my photos lost. Music can be replaced.


  1. Bad luck mate. Sounds like you had a bummer of a day. This is turning into quite an adventure!

  2. Russ, Sorry to hear the bad news, photos are everything on a trip like yours. Have you considered an appeal to local radio, you never know it may have been found. I have a contact from my walk in Bridgewater perhaps she could help. Let me know if I can help and I will pass on details. I could also share some of my photos with you, not much but better than none at all. Keep going my friend.

  3. To quote Labour "THINGS CAN ONLY GET BETTER" tie every thing on to your rucksack! Do you realise you're staying not far from Brean, remember those Go-carts,(1968). You should have a dry day tuesday,Love Ma and Pa 130

  4. oh bro what a big pile of poop. hopefully this is the only thing that will go wrong. werent you only 4 when you went to brean? cab you remember?
    where was i then Ma & PA 130?

    did you hear the invisable man married the invisable woman?

    their children werent much to look at either.

    look after those feet russ no kicking walls etc.
    hope tomorrow is soo much better for you than today. Enjoy a huge breakie - hows the weight lose going?
    keeping on walking
    Kirk - daughter of Ma & Pa 130.

  5. I'd let the local police station know Russ, some kind person may have handed it in.

    Hows those shoes holding up?

  6. Hello Russ
    Hope its going well. Just a few words of advice. Avoid Midsomer and Sun Hill, Don't eat at the Queen Vic or Ian Brales place when you are in Walford (but give Roxy my love) and if you get blisters in Holby then they will take your feet off for dramatic effect (just use a plaster). Any other advice you need in your new life as a hobo just let me know. Iain