Saturday, 17 April 2010

Day 1 Lands End to Penzance

Day started well with a great journey down here, arrived at 11.30, ahead of schedule. After something to eat, the photo by the signpost (£12.50) and collecting a stone to deliver to Scotland, I left at 12.30. Within 1 minute of leaving the first problem happened, my new camera, brought especially for the walk started eating batteries. A new set of batteries then only lasting 2 photo's. This has been rectified by lots of abuse and a new camera purchased at Penzance. Walk went well 19.5km in only 4 hours, with the exception of having 3 dogs bark at me. For those who don't know I am not confident around dogs and they always target me. During the course of this blog I will count the amount of time that satan's animal bark at me. No road kill observed today so little for dinner tonight. So, you could say I'm really off now, so would you be after a days walk in the sun!!!! Talking about the weather the blue sky's with no vapour trails were brill, however the Scilly Isle helicopter was a regular visitor overhead.


  1. Bon voyage Russ! There are lots of well wishers watching your travels, and keeping their fingers crossed for a painless and enjoyable experience.

    Best wishes,

    Judy Moore (sister of another current LeJog'er)

  2. Bruv.Didnt know you were afraid of dogs. You can borow Pru anytime - she gives anything not cat like a mean stare - its quite scarry. However you would have to carry her and give her lots of chicken pouches.Glad you got off to a flying start. Weather real good for you. Hope you arent burnt. have fun.

  3. Wishing you the best of luck.

    Looking forward to reading about your journey.


  4. Hi Russ,
    If you're using AA batteries, you need the ones specially designed for camera use if you want them to last. I had problems with batteries on my walk. I found LiMH rechargeables to be the best.

    Looking forward to following your journey. Best of luck.

  5. All the best matey!

  6. That's the first day done. Your walk is getting shorter all the time, so enjoy it!

  7. Yo Russ!!! Good luck matey!! Scott Higgins and Jeff Barber

  8. Hey Russ looking good!

    Told you Canon, Nikon or Panasonic where the cameras to go for ;)