Sunday, 25 April 2010

Day 8 Tiverton to Taunton

Crossed into Somerset today in a downpour, the first day of rain on the walk, in fact the first day of anything but all day sunshine. The umbrella, a small walking one, did a grand job of keeping the majority off me, as it was too warm for any waterproofs. Following an incorrect route out of Tiverton, I was rescued by big brown signs which lead me to the beginning of the canal I was following for the morning. Navigation became easier, as i just had to keep water on my side. The side did change half way along which I managed to cope with just. Canals have the majority benefit of being able to walk down with little concern for getting lost, just need to keep an eye when to get off, however, their major disadvantage is they attract the "dog walker", the ones which let their dogs wander miles ahead up the towpath. So when 3 yappie dogs started jumping up my legs at Sampford Perville, the temptation of scooping them with my foot into the canal was almost too great to resist. Resist is what I did, only now to have the owner look at me as if I was in the wrong. Today's total of 35.6km was made easier by some great company I had walking from Wellington into Taunton. The last miles on the walk are usually the hardest, but today's final miles along the West Deane Way, flew by. Helen had found my website, prior to me walking, being interested in walking and looking at possible doing a greater range of long distance walks herself, had arrange to meet, possibly with other family members and walk into Taunton. So following meeting at Wellington we walked to her house close to my B&B, where her mother had invite me to join the family for their Sunday roast. Their hospitality was brilliant and having company was great, and would like to thank Helen and family once again. Am now looking forward to the Midland's and seeing my family again.


  1. Nice one matey! There are some good people out there!


  2. Russ,

    Enjoying the blog from the "comfort" of my office desk in Central London. Would rather be out and about but hope my LEJOG chance might come in a few years time. It must be great to get the personal contact with locals along the way, if not that of the four legged and sharp tethed variety.


  3. Hi Russ

    Hoped you enjoyed your lovely home cooked lunch. Will give an update to Olympians and volunteers tonight, you may even get another phone call for you to update us all.