Saturday, 24 April 2010

Day 7 North Tawton to Tiverton

Today started with a mega breakfast at the Copper Keys pub, with a whole pig's worth of bacon, 2 fried eggs, 3 sausage, fries bread, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes and a whole loaf worth of toast, wonder how much that would cost in the canteen at work? Once again there had been a hard frost over night. Upon leaving the pub, the first priority was to send the previous days blog, as the town did not have reception, whilst concentrating on that I managed to take a wrong turn, (once again in a town) and added probably, 0.5km to the days walk which totalled 36km. Even when I did get reception it took ages for google to send the e-mail, must speak to Jeremy.

This has been the longest day to date, and hilly, (sorry to bore you, but it will be the last time for a while). 3km's out of Tiverton, there was a 150m drop and a 90m climb, separated of course the usually stream in the dip, of course this resulted in the customary paddle. Hills are now a thing of the past, until the Lake District and Scotland, Sunday's walk starts on a canal and finishes along the river, then I progress through the lowlands of Somerset, through Bristol (not across the Clifton Bridge) up through the A38 in the Midlands with canals etc...... In a word, hilless!!!!!! Very few people out en route today, so I made up for not being able to use the MP3, on the lanes, by singing, anything from "I your happy and you know it" to "Onward Christian Soldiers". I now know why there weren't many people around, ummmm????? Saw this sign today warning me of a black dog ahead, so I proceeded with caution, only to have two white snappy dogs have a bark at me. Cunning dogs fooling me into a false sense off security (making me look for the black one!!!). By the way, I your wondering why so many mistake in the typing, its a bit difficult, typing on a qwerty keyboard 20 x 70mm, with fat fingers. That my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Rest day tomorrow in Tiverton, don't know what to do yet, either canal trip, watch footy in a bar or go for a walk on the River Exe. Well I've been walking for a week, around 130+ miles done, but it doesn't seem like any weight lost. My trousers are just as tight!!! Am now developing a theory, (have lots of time to do those) I've seen myself as a carthorse when its comes to walking, steady pace, carrying weight.... But now I'm seeing myself as a camel, only a camel has its hump on his back, mines on me front, he's a ship of the desert, I'm a ship of ???????, I'll let you make your own minds up.


  1. You're doing well dude. Quote:

    "with a whole pig's worth of bacon, 2 fried eggs, 3 sausage, fries bread, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes and a whole loaf worth of toast"

    Yes it's strange. Cannot understand why you are not losing weight! LOL :-)


  2. think the test blog was mum. going round tomorrow to assist with the blog thing. were yuor bloomers blowing on your makeshift washing line? could that be the reason the for weird looks. sounds like your having a real fab time.
    Love little sis

  3. worked out how to post a comment at last! seems like your moms done the same only she beat me to it.
    Will get some salad and fruit in when you stop off at home next week as you must be fed up with fried breakfasts and pub dinners(not!)
    love jo xx

  4. Hi Russ

    Well done and we think you deserve those big breakfasts. Really glad weather has been good to you, you'll have a better tan than being abroad without all the trouble of volcanic ash stopping flights.

    Keep on walking

    Ron & Elaine

  5. Hi
    Glad all going well.
    I'm in awe of the kms you are doing every day.
    It makes my proposed walk [6 weeks to the start]seem wimpish in comparison.
    How do you start to walk, or is it waddle after a breakfast at the Copper Keys?

  6. woto russ at moms showing her how to blog. so no stopping her now. becareful when you go around they after the kids to do jobs around the house stay on your walk or send jo!!!!

  7. Hi Russ

    Hope your enjoying your rest day. Glad weather still good for you. Will give Olympians an update tomorrow.