Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Day 11 Bristol to Berkeley

Two county lines crossed today, first into South Gloucestershire, next Gloucestershire itself. Next to come, my home county Worcestershire, and a meeting with my wife in Worcester on Friday evening. The previous mornings herd of elephants above was repeated last night, but hundreds of foreign students in the YHA, albeit on the same floor, all coming half an hour after I had put the lights out and creaking around, its a creaky building, knocking doors and lots of noise. I think i was just jealous I was not partying with them. Then all of a sudden it went quite, or I went to sleep, who knows, but I got my own back this morning. I suspect they were German, so was kicking myself that I hadn't done any of the course yet, could have been very interesting. Walkwise, I navigated out of Bristol very successfully, no errors or lost equipment and proceeded on an alternative to the A38, being between the Cotswolds on the right hand side and the M5 on the left in country lanes. Today I crossed the M32, M4 and later the M5 before the final stretch of the walk along the A38. A very uneventful day, warm and fast, completing today's 33.6km by 16.10. Weather looks like it taking at turn for the worse tomorrow, you can tell there's a bank holiday due, just get back to work everyone else so I can have my brilliant weather back. You know its your holiday which has resulted in it changing!!!!!!


  1. Hi Russ
    Glad its all going well. Amazingly nothing got lost today! Approaching the midlands now!

  2. Glad today has been better for you.What a pleasant suprise meeting up with justin.Was he able to give you any tips for the weeks ahead? Glad no dogs yapping at your lucious legs, and no cows mooing in your ears, we dread to know what you may encounter next, any clues from justin? ma & pa

  3. Hi Russ

    Hope the rain has not been too troublesome. I get the picture now (no pun intended) if you loose something everyday then your rucksack becomes lighter. By the time you reach Scotland the rucksack is so light you run to John O'Groats saving 3 days walking. Expect to see you back in Redditch on 1st June!!!