Monday, 19 April 2010

Today's walk went with the trend by being longer than the previous days, the grand total being 32.6km. Total to date being around 50 miles. Observe the way I switch easily between metric and imperial. The walk for the most part was through Cornish lanes, with hedges teeming with wildlife. Another feature that appeared today was wind farms, anyone who has travelled the A30 in Cornwall must have noticed these. Speaking of the A30, I had my first encounter with it today, where I crossed it numerous times before walking along it for a mile on probably the most dangerous part of it. This being the single carriages, looking over Newquay, here the verge disappears, to be replaced by a bank with a foot wide flat. Tight rope walking with juggernauts passing with major turbulence. Was glad to get off there, only after I had taken pics of Newquay, the wind turbines and me in my hi vis matching gear, coat, (in the hot sun), rucksack cover and flag. More on the flag on another night. Two dogs today from behind gates, so no confrontational encounters, lots of being stared out by cows, luckily behind fences, because there as evil as dogs. Beginning now to get into my walking routine, walking 2 hours, having my toast and fruit juice that I nick from breakfast. Walk 2 more hours and have a cereal bar and hot drink, by which time its around 13.30 and I've normally covered 20km, then I just slow right down taking a break every 30 mins, no rushed, just enjoy the views. Tonight I spoke over the phone, through the loudspeaker to the training session of Special Olympics Redditch, one of the charities, just to let everyone know how I am getting along.


  1. Yo bro little sis (again). How are the feet doing? Shoulders bearing up to the weight in the rucsac.
    You could invent a new passtime. - staring at cows. Glad all is going well.

    Where do you hide a horse in the cheese factory??

    In the maskapony section

    Have fun tomorrow. Enjoying reading your blogs.Im off to watch the professionals now.

  2. From the Outstanding Quality Award Winning Team

    Russ your grammar is appalling, is that Johnny sausage fingers trying to type on a mobile phone?
    We are all sorry to hear about all the evil dogs and menacing staring cows hope you meet some sensitive sheep. Just be careful your personal gravitational field does not force one of those 40 ton juggernauts off the road.