Sunday, 18 April 2010

Day 2 Penzance to Redruth

Usual stuff first, walked from Penzance to Redruth today which was just short of 30km, so it was the first day of the regular distance, and boy do I know about it. As well as the first day of the full distance, it was the first day carrying the full weight rucksack. Now during my training walks I had carried the majority of my planned kit, but somehow the weight has increased, such, that at the end of today, its not my legs which have suffered by my shoulders. (arrh poor him I hear you say - not, earn your sponsor money more like it) Good news, no barking dogs today, lots of dog walkers along the coast at Penzance, gladly well behaved. Beginning to develop a routine now, including washing, which I did for the first time tonight. If it fails to dry it will be posted on my polls tomorrow sticking up from my rucksack, a portable washing line. Photo is of St Michael Mount ,which was first seen yesterday, but passed at 10.00 this morning. (Graham as you said it was certainly a worthy sight)


  1. hiya bruv. the only tip i can give you today (pru yesturday) is hire a minion to do the carrying for you. kids should do it for free but the youngsters wud say 'whatever' and make you carry their stuff and youd have to listen to their music comig out of the tinny ear phones and are we there yet comments. glad the legs are holding you up. mum says you have to pay to blog is that right?
    are you doing the whole walk alone?
    will blog you tomorow if you dont mind


  2. kirk, blogging's free of charge, sometimes it mentions subscribe its all free