Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Day 10 Sedgemoor to Bristol

Woken today at 6.00, in my Sedgemoor Service Station Motel room, by who or whatever was in the room above me, herding around. After deciding to rise I left the service having no breakfast, the six pound continental option did not excite me, so i brought a number of snacks from the main service station.
Staying off the a38 to start i noticed a path across a field on the map, but this was not evident on the ground, i might have "gone for it" but for the cows in the field, so a slower option of the roads was chosen. Within half an hour i had a herd of these lovely beasts running towards me. As i made my way up the lanes, a local farmer as me to wait as he was moving a herd of young beasts for the first time from the farm into their new field home. So wait i did, confident Mr farmer new what he was doing. Then came the herd, at me, help i screamed - not really, but just at the moment the herd was meant to via left away from me, then decide to join me and my walk to Scotland. All was sorted with no injuries to man or beast.
No more cow events followed but two brave snappy dogs behind the safety of their gate decided to let me know they were their and also wanted to joint me. So from the safety of the other side of the gate i decide to fim them until the owner appeared, and even at distance, gave me such a look for "winding up" her darlings.
Following notification from work bout a new structure, i was heading for Bristol Airport, when guess what i saw, a plane, yes there was that, but more amazing out of the distance appeared Justin. So who's Justin i hear u ask, well don't be so impatient, otherwise i won't tell you.
Justin appeared walking along the a38 with a mega rucksack. This was not a rambler but a serious walker, could it be? I wondered a JOGLE'r (john o groat-lands end), get with the acronyms. Yes it was. We both stood and introduced ourselves, for both it was the first fellow adventurer.
A long chat followed, following with lashings of mutual respect. He has however, completed 80% verse my 20% but we had lots to discuss, including his start at JOG in the blizzards. I gave Justin the website name and hope when he reads this it is a true account of events outside Bristol, on Tuesday afternoon.
One other theme running throughout today was the police, they were never that far away.They must of heard a dog hater was entering the area. It started with a phone call to the Somerset Constabulary regarding a camera, no luck there. Followed by numerous sighting including the first car of the day, a police car with sirens through a sleepy village, a passing on a country lane, at speed, walking alongside some beat coppers and finally in Bristol some dealing with a traffic incident.
Another confusing event today was me reop-entering Somerset, a few times. The morning had me cross the North Somerset/Somerset border numerous times, i think that's over now, Gloucestershire should be my next, sometime tomorrow. Final, talk about small single bedrooms, the one in the YHA tonight is small, however it is on the top 5th floor so no being woken by herds of elephants above, unless their on the roof.
36.4km done today, i make that over 200 miles now.

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