Tuesday, 26 April 2011

days 5 & 6 wooler to fenwick to Holy Island

Just to catch up on the fin. 2 dats of the St Cuthberts Way for those
worried we hadn't actually made it to the end. Well we did, and what
an end it was, onto that later.
Firstly day 5, following our great curry in Wooler (that had to be the
meal of the trip) we had an undulating days walk over the hills of
Northumberland, we thought we'd finished the hills with the Cheviot,
but no. Towards the end of the day, everything happened together, with
a detour to St Cuthberts cave and almost immediately after our first
detailed sighting of the coast, we'd seen it on the horizon the day
before but we could make out the end of the walk on Holy Island.
So onto the final days walk over the causeway onto Holy Island and the
end. I was for following the Pilgrims Trail across the sands, marked
by wooden posts and a refuse elevated platform, by Jo was for
following some Germans walking along the road (we'd sat behind them at
the previous nights meal -that's how we know)
Along with all the us making a crossing whilst the tide was low was
aload of tourists. When we arrived the place was heaving with people,
so after the photo at the end we chose a quite bay to sit in, here we
stayed until the tide came in. When we returned to the village it was
empty and all shut, what a difference to before.
The journey home was uneventful apart from a shopping trip to Gretna
Village, remember passing there on my LEJOG.

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