Friday, 15 April 2011

day 2 ancrum to morebattle

During the night was woken by alarm at the next door golf diving
range, didn't look out the window to see what was happening, as last
time I when at home, there was some idiot up a ladder trying to turn
off his alarm, failing and keeping all awake. Didn't want to
experience that sight again. (Ade)
Quickly establishing a routine, most carry over from last year,
breakfast/walk/pub meal/beer/sleep........
Yesterday's jet fighter's, sorry didn't include them in last nights
blog, despite them being around all day, never materised today, must
have run out of spares.
Mr Bee continued following today, there was barely a minute which was
shared without the buzz of a bee, Jo says its the sign of a good
summer. I'm sure it still the same one going all the way to the coast.
Both yesterday afternoon and this morning we follow the route of an
old roman road, called Dere Street. Whilst being recognised for their
civil engineering abilities in building roads, (they must have had
degrees, to make them that capable), they must have also invented the
walker's curse of the "stile". As before Dere Street we had not come
across a stile, yet Dere Street was littered with them. I'm sure one
of them had "Caesar waz ere" scribe into it.

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  1. Sounds like you are having a great time. Lucky with the weather (as usual!). Can you get some photos of the jets please!.

    King Regards
    The idiot up the ladder!!!!!!!!!!