Sunday, 17 April 2011

day 3morebattle to hethpool

Today's was a longer walk then yesterdays and had us walking up/down,
up/down. In-between we found ourselves in the delightful town of Kirk
Yetholm, those walkers reading the blog will immediately know the
name, realising it is infact the northern end of the Pennine Way. Next
years walk and blog....
Entering the town occurred exactly one year to the second, to me
starting my LEJOG. This time last year I was writing the first blog of
that adventure.
As the evenings accommodation did not have a local pub we decided to
eat in KY, a filling baguette was consumed at the pub which marks the
end of the Pennine Way. Leaving the pub we then shared the Pennine Way
for a few miles, mainly uphill. For the second time in the day (first
straight after breakfast)an ascent was made on a full stomach. After
leaving the Pennine Way, a variety of things quickly occurred, firstly
we crossed the border, entry we difficult as we did not have our
passports. Secondly, the path changed. The grass changed colour, the
ground boggy'r and the features which assisted the walker all the way
thro the Scottish part, i.e.steps, bridges etc. ceased. Every man for
himself thro the bog and stream crossings. Waymarking which has been
excellent until the border, now seems to be gradually worsening.
Mr B's been back, not as often as yesterday, doesn't like the hills,
prefers the road walk, I mean flying.
On top of the first hill we met a welcome plaque, declaring both the
highest point and half way, this after two and a half days of six
days, second half looks to be easier (hope I haven't spoken too soon)

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  1. There always seems to be beer and food in these blog posts! Keep up the good work you two!