Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Back on the road and remembering how to send mobile blogs, guess if
your reading this I've remember, if your not reading it, then can't
explain that one.
Here in Melrose ready for the off and the longest leg tomorrow, things
looking up as Jo has just committed to not moan for the whole week,
may get away without having to listen to my ipod after all.
Journey went well up here today, did bore Jo, whilst driving up here
about where I walked, stayed and also "Pee'd" as I walked parallel to
the motorway last year. Had one stop at Lancaster Services (Forton),
which I remember seeing on last years LEJOG.
Only had a quick break, including a skinny latte at Costa's,
shouldn't really be surprised at seeing "Costa Cheung" in there.
Just lookin forward to setting off tomorrow with an immediate ascent
up to 300+ meters, followed by a 27 km walk.

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  1. Nice one Russ! Have you committed not to moan for the week as well!