Sunday, 1 May 2011

And what of Mr B?

In my recent summing up of the final days of the St Cuthberts Way, I failed to mention whether Mr B made it all the way to Holy Island. for those who have read the daily enters of this walk, you will know we were constantly accompanied by Mr B. Wherever we went a bee, (Mr B) would be buzzing around.
Well, sad news, I can say we never came across him whilst on Holy Island, there was a lack of any airborne insects there, maybe consumed by the bountiful numbers of birds or maybe to scared to cross the causeway, in case of the tide coming in and not being able to land and rest. After all they can not read the tide timetable.
As we all know insects can't read.
My theory on his disappearance is somewhat different.
If you don't like sad stories, leave now - you've been warned........
Anyway for those who are left. My theory is down to the path of the St Cuthberts Way. I'm sure I heard him happily buzzing shortly before arriving at the causeway, about the same time we crossed the main East Coast Train Line, and the arrival of that fast inter city train.... get where I'm coming from? Well I reckon he arrived in Edinburgh on the from of the Inter City train, some 65 miles away before we reached Holy Island. Following the Northumberland Coast up to Berwick, which surprising brings me onto the subject of the Northumberland Coast Path.
Not knowing of these walk before, we stumbled on a book (as well as the St Oswald Way) whilst on Holy Island. As we fell in love (arhhh) with this area during the SCW (why didn't I use that 3 letter acronym earilier, I ask myself) our next LDP together will be the NCP (started use of that acoryn nice and early - lessons learnt and all that). That following my solo Pennine Way (no friends me, or non who are up for longer LDP's). So subject to the Mayan calendar not being correct and the world ending 21/12/2012, we'll be doing it in 2013...


  1. Interesting topic this bee thing. Was there 1 or 2 bees.....

    2 bee's or not 2 bee's, that is the question

    Ha ha :-)

  2. Ade, for you that was almost funny. Pity it was at the expense of poor Mr B, do you realise I have atually spent more time walking with Mr B this year than with walking with you. Even though he had a limited vocab (buzz), I still found him more interesting.... LOL


  3. Buzz off! :-)