Thursday, 14 April 2011

Day 1, Melrose to Jedburgh

Great first day with no moans from Jo. We've had a return of the dogs,
only not me this time, I was behind Jo cringing, when she was showing
me how, to approach dogs confidently and stroke them, only this time
the dog barked at her and bolted off. The next dog passed had us both
cringing and pushing the other forward.
After a big breakfast and a stroll to the Abbey to start the walk, the
first obstacle to clear was a pair of hills, which we passed in the
col between them, still a sharp climb, first thing in the morning.
The day then settle day to lots of walking alongside water, along
different rivers, finishing with crossing on a suspension bridge with
swayed and rocked much to Jo's horror and my amusement. Shame on me,
bridges are easy, its dogs I find difficult.
The weather has been a real surprise with the sun showing itself,
didn't expect that in Scotland, after all it is on the Artic Circle
isn't it?
With the warmer weather we suddenly noticed a number of bees which
were around. After never seeing more than one at any one location, we
quickly establish it was in fact the same bee. Initial we thought it
was following us, but eventually settled on him, like us was walking,
sorry flighing the st cuthbert's way. Don't know where his staying
tonight, but I'm sure we'll see him later on route.
Just finishing off my mars bar balti in a curry house in Jedburgh, my
reward for the 27km today and tomorrows energy (Jo's had veggie again
- she's doing the whole week on vegatables and no chocolate) Just
having her after 8 mint, nice

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