Monday, 18 April 2011

day 4 hethpool to wooler

The "S's", sun, scenery, song and snakes.
The walk over to Woller had them all, firstly sun, it was a glorious
blue sky day all day.
Next, scenery, lots of that to, walking through the Northumberland
National Park, upp at 300m+ for most of the day, with outstanding
views over th Cheviot Hills, and of course the view over to the
Cheviot itself, standing at 800m+. (do that next year on the Pennine
Next song, bird song all day. Like all the walk we have been
surrounded by nature, never for from a bird, bee or a snake.
Yes lastly a snake, I've been on the lookout for snakes most the time
I've been walking and the in the middle of the path, right up on the
moors, an adder.
Unfortunately no pictures, low battery on the phone, so will have to
wait for the main camera to be downloaded.
Finally had a bostin curry last nite, best for a long time, highly
recommend the Spice Village Curry House in Wooler, if anyones up this

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  1. Hi, Russ. Pete here. We met you last week on Dere Street and you were asking Mike and I about our End to end project at 100 miles a year. Follow our progress on
    Very impressed with your 7 week JOG.
    Enjoy St Cuthbert's Way.It is a delight.