Friday, 31 May 2013


Realised as i was walking today that it was 3 years ago to the day that i was finishing my lejog up in john o groats. Coincidence that todays walk actually finished in beattock, i place that i stopped off on my lejog. Ain't changed.
Todays 34.04km walk is the second longest, with tomorrows 1km longer? But the ascent is certainly the highest, being 1300m, and did i feel everyone of them. The ascent started immediately leaving wanlockhead this morning, climbing to the civil airplace tramsmitter on lander hill at 725m the highest point on the walk, the remainder of the day was a rollercoaster up and down. The later being in more boggy forest. The last?
So all in all a long hard ldp day, yep, gotta love them.
One third into the day, following the first batch of hills, i had a 500m road walk, where a car stopped and asked if i wanted a lift. I smuggly stated i was heading to the east coast, and he said he was off to edinburgh, were i could catch a train. Tempted???????

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