Friday, 24 May 2013

e2 started (again)

After a 8 hr journey, i arrived in stranraer. The train station is at the end of the pier, which is also the departure point for the stena ferries to Ireland. The other feature about the pier is it is the start point /or finish point for the entire e2, stranraer to nice European walk. So here i am at the beginning! Following setting up my tent at the ard McDonald caravan site, i returned to the end of the pier to walk 3.4km away from the coast to the intersection with the southern upland way, to be known from know as the suw.
So e2 is well and truly started.
After walking back into stranraer and finding somewhere to eat, i have waited an eternity to order some food, i reckon i would have made it to nice by the time I'd ordered.

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  1. Nice one Russ :-) Great photo to start a great adventure.