Saturday, 25 May 2013

Finally underway on the suw, although i covered 22.97km today, only the first 20 were on the way. So given, the path is 212 miles, and 20km is 12.5miles, i reckon, i passed the 200 miles to go marker, walking there s delightful wood. First day and I'd already identifying key points. Just before the delightful wood was the undelighful trek in stingers in shorts to avoid a lake in the path, the highs and low of walking.
The start of the walk was almost a mirror image of the coast to coast, with a northern hike along the coast, a couple of coves and a lighthouse marking the point where you strike inland. Fortunately, on the suv, there is no dent to climb. For those not familiar with the c2c, dant is a 350 metre high hill on the first day.
prior to starting the trip, i had worked out the cost to the last penny, trying to save where possible, being tight. But one expense i hadn't prepared fir was paying 30p for the loo, twice now, once a Glasgow central station and the second, at portpatrick at the start of the walk. What makes it worse was this morning i got caught "jumping" the turnstile, thinking no one was around, when a woman suddenly appeared from side "office" and shamed me into paying.
Generally all is ok, but my expensive, liteweight sleeping mat has started to delaminate and blister, could be interesting, given its the first of 18 nights

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  1. Good Start, don't jump to many stiles, (loo or other facilities), and don't forget to stop at the coast, you cannot walk on water, no comment on weather---- or is that taboo? love M and D