Monday, 27 May 2013

After the sun came rain

With this country, you just know that for every decent day you have weatherwise, you have to pay for it. So baving had three decent days, today was payback time. Starting ten last night in the bothy it started raining and it didn't let up until late afternoon. Whereas the paths previously had been crusty with a moist underneath, the paths today were just stream. Wet, is what i soon ended up being, all except my feet, here's to sealskins waterproof socks.
Havin broken the day by a pub visit at dinner time and a bowl of chips, i had the final 11km of todays 32.9km walk to do (was tempted by the pubs b&b). The final walk had me crossing flooded stream inlets, some upto my thighs, with the main river which was in spat next to me. Ended up with just me boots on marchin thro them.


  1. Watch out for flying rabbits

  2. That's a horrible image of just your boots mate!

  3. Glad you're into your (stride or is it stroke), we are now having the rain you had yesterday, at least you're eating well, awaiting next blog, take care love. M and D