Sunday, 2 June 2013


Today's walk was certainly the longest at 36.5km and 1144m ascent, however, compared to yesterdays it seemed to be easier and more enjoyable. Althought yesterday marked the half way point in distance, at 11:30 i was crossing ettrick head, firstly the watershed between east and west. Any water east of this ends up in the north sea, likewise any step this side gets you closer to the end on the west coast. Secondary, it marked the exiting of dumfries and galliway and entering, the borders. A place i have fond memories of, st cutberts way and the end of the pennine way.
Other crossings today has been the west coast mainline, which was about 100m from my campsite last night and the m74.
The day after leaving beattock on my lejog, was the day that i hadn't secured the lid on my orange juice, which then leaked into my bag, no such mistakes this time, i'm glad to say.


  1. Hi Russ

    Just got back from holiday, great blogging, glad its going well.


  2. great stuff Russ, i'm looking forward to the slideshow later, and best of all it looks like you have better weather for a while. enjoy.
    Cheers J.P.

  3. Glad it's all going well now, cheers for the picture of the golf ball on your earlier blog, I have found memories of that in thick fog! Lol